A-Basin Ski-O-Cache GeoBash: Beach Bumming with an Altitude

You can’t find a beach scene at an altitude of 10,780 feet above sea level just anywhere. Try starting at the Continental Divide, then go about 5 miles west. There you will find snow bunnies, beach bums, beer on tap, burgers on a grill, sun tan lotion, dogs, Frisbees, skiing, and…caching.
Yup. Some of the best high-altitude geocaching Colorado has to offer. All at the most elevated beach in North America – The Beach at Arapahoe Basin.

A-Basin:  World's Highest Beach Party

A-Basin: World’s Highest Beach Party

Do you Ski-O-Cache? If you downhill ski and geocache, but have never visited a ski-o-cache, you are truly missing out! Ski-o-caches are simply a geocache placed at a ski resort. Most people ride the lift up and search for the cache on the way down. You can also access them without buying a lift ticket, either by backcountry skiing (requires skill, equipment and strenuous physical activity), or by waiting for summer and hiking in. For this reason, ski-o-caches usually have high terrain/difficulty ratings. Ski-o-caches require a unique mix of skiing and caching skills, so they are a challenge and a blast!

The Beach Party
The Beach Party celebrates the perfect combination of summer sunshine and winter sports. In other words, Spring time in the Rockies. Brats sizzling on the grill, reggae tunes pouring out of car speakers, skiers in costume, the occasional wedding…all part of the beach scene. The only thing missing is…geocaching?

Not this year. I’ve been coming up here during the beach season for years, but this year I’m adding a geocaching twist. There are currently 5 caches on the mountain. Three are on black slopes and require expert skiing skills to reach. One is on a blue slope and another on a green. I will also place a new cache on the mountain, on the day of the event. If you have any trackables that need a home, high on the Continental Divide, now’s your chance!

So come on up, try your skills at ski-o-caching. Then return to the Beach for burgers, brats and beer (or pop). Event will be held, sun or snow, so get ready for a unique caching/skiing experience!

Event will be held in the Early Riser parking lot at Arapahoe Basin on Sunday, May 4. Event is all-day. Parking lot opens at 7AM. Look for a silver Mitsubishi Montero with a green & white “Evergreen” flag across the windshield, facing the lot.

Hope to see you there. Cache on!