Cache Series

Geocaching is a great excuse to get out and explore the world around us.  When I create a cache series for this blog, I try to be a virtual tour guide, showing off some bit of local history or geography that I find interesting.  If you are reading this, and either live here or have a visit planned to this area, I hope you’ll visit some of them.  If the cache requires a hike, I’ll try and give good directions to a cache worth hiking to.  Usually an ammo box that is stocked and maintained.  If an urban setting, the container may be smaller, but I’ll still make it a worthwhile endeavor, a fun and fascinating point of interest or tour.  Look at the pages below to see the series I’ve created so far:

  • Lost Ski Areas
  • Caching Fire

Just my way of giving back to the geocaching community that has so enriched my life.  Cache on!