Lost Ski Areas: The Struggle for Snow

Ski Colorado’s Front Range!

…the long-held desire of Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs winter sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

From the time of the Model “T” Ford in the early 20th century, ski promoters sought to bring the Alpine experience as close to Front Range city-dwellers as possible – even within Denver city limits!  The promise of quick and easy access to the slopes lured these dreamers into the nearby hills, where they cut trails through the dense stands of timber that clad north-facing slopes of the foothills.

One by one, the small ski hills succumbed to financial hardship, battles over land ownership, or land use tussles with unhappy neighbors.  Underlying all of their woes was the sheer unpredictability of climate in the foothill environment.  They succeeded, however, in providing the first taste of downhill skiing to several generations of people in Colorado and neighboring Midwestern states.

Lost Ski Areas of the Front Range is a new geocache series dedicated to the bold ones, the crazy ones, the men and women who dared to dream of creating “the St. Moritz of the Rockies” within an easy commute of Denver.

LSA take 3

All of the caches in this series are also listed on Geocaching.com.  But these pages will provide a deeper discussion of the areas’ history, as well as “then and now” pictures of the sites.

It is my hope that these caches will illuminate and preserve this important chapter in Colorado ski history.  Enjoy!