Feedback Makes It Worthwhile

It’s always great to hear from someone who enjoyed one of your caches.  I recently got this from an enthusiastic finder of “America:  Why I Love Her.”  This is the geocache I featured on my July 9 post (Another Roadside Attraction):

Wow, crazy multi! I landed in Denver a little later than scheduled, and thought maybe I’d do the Earthcache as my first, but then I read the description of this one… wow, cool! I eagerly made my way up from baggage claim and looked around for the maps. Once I found them I realized how awesome this was about to become. Ha! Look at all these crazy places! [:P]

To my surprise, it took a while before I was able to locate each and every specific place from the list. I just kept going back and forth, to the amusement of others I’m sure. Once I had a complete list, I then pondered what to do. A quick glance at the hint gave me a helping hand, which soon followed by a successful result on the geochecker [:D].

Realizing how far the final was from the airport, I considered the possibility that perhaps I wouldn’t complete this one after all. That changed, however, when I attempted to fire up my GPS only for it to die right there in my hands. What?! I tried to resuscitate it for a good hour without any luck. Luckily, I located a REI downtown. I forgot about this cache and went to get myself a new GPS. After that, I was looking for caches around my location and realized this one was actually less than a mile away. What! [:)] Excitement grew, as I realized I could finish this one off after all, and so I drove down the road to begin my search shortly before it got dark.

Arriving at GZ, my coordinates had me at a very specific location. Given the difficulty rating, I thought for sure this would be a needle in the haystack type of hide. I poked and prodded for a bit until I realized that daylight would soon disappear, so I began to read the few logs that had been recorded on this relatively newer cache page. Seems there has been some discussion over accuracy here at the final, so I spread out roughly 50′ from where my GPS wanted me, to a completely different feature. A bit more surveillance later and I then had the cache in hand! Woohoo!   Thanks so much for showcasing such a cool feature inside the airport! Best of luck to the next, and TFTC! [8D[

The cache involved solving a puzzle in a busy airport, then travelling 30 miles to the geocache location, only to be confronted by bouncing coordinates and a very well camouflaged container.  The fact that the final location is almost as strange as the roadside attractions featured on :America:  Why I Love Her,” only adds to the whole experience.  Tough but rewarding.

I try to leave a long, personalized log whenever I’ve done a geocache that the CO put a lot of thought, a lot of craftsmanship, into the making of.  I know I sure appreciate it when the favor is returned.

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