Geocaching Quick Start Guide

How to get started in geocaching?  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

① Before You Go

Sign up for a free account at  Click JOIN.  Enter info.

Download the app.  Use your phone’s free app store.  Choose either Geocaching Live or Geocaching Plus.

②  On the Hunt

Open the app.  Select a “traditional” cache (green-top box icon)

If using Geocaching Live:

  • Click circle icon on left (returns caches in order of distance),
  • Click any of the caches listed (top is closest).  Brings up page with basic info.
  • Click an icon at the bottom of the page:
    • Letter “i” for cache description,
    • Light bulb icon for hint,
    • Map icon for a street map/air photo that shows your position relative to cache.
  • Use map interface, or compass (second icon from left at bottom of map page) to navigate to cache.

If using Geocaching Plus:

  • Click “Live Map.”  Brings up a street map/air photo showing your position and box icons representing nearby caches.  Click the nearest cache.
  • Scroll through menu to get Details, Description, Logbook entries, Photos.  This info will help you find the cache.
  • Click arrow icon.  It shows the direct path between you and the cache.  Follow path (if possible).  You can also click compass rose icon to get a compass that will point to cache.

Once you are within 10 feet or 3 meters of the cache, you are probably within the accuracy of the GPS.  Strat looking around for appropriately-sized container (micro, small, regular).

When you find it, take it a short distance away to open it and sign logbook.  Try to look inconspicuous while doing so.  If the cache holds trade items, feel free to swap items (if you have one to trade).  Close cache and return it to hiding place when nobody is looking.

③  After the Find

Log back on to  Look up the cache by name or ID or search for it by zip code, coordinates, address or map interface.  Once you are on the page, click the “Log a new visit” button in the upper right corner of page.  Enter “Found it” for the Type of Log and then add a comment (describe your experience, thank the cache owner) before scrolling down and clicking “Submit Log Entry” at bottom.

There, you’ve done it!  Now if you go to your profile or look at the upper right corner of the home page, you will see you now have a total of 1 find.